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During these worrying times, all our lives have changed in one way or other.

I'm a mum of two little ones, Roise aged 6 & Finn aged 3, keeping them safe & entertained is my main priority.

Also adding to the mix, having to juggle my own job from home, as well a homeschool the kids, cook, clean, wash, paint a few walls... the usual.

I know like many other mums, we're all in the same boat. If there was anything to keep our kids busy, something that doesn't involve a screen,  while we could actually get something done around the house, or even do something creative with them, I'm completely up for that!! 

I'm not very technical, so when I had to figure out a way to teach my art lessons online, I thought the best way was to make a video. These days everyone has an app for everything! So how hard could this be? Right?

For starters, phone memory has been is my biggest issue, along with... hoping my kids don't burst into the room while videoing & listening to my own voice while editing... which I hate it!!

Yes, I use my kids as guinea pigs, teaching my art lessons with them before making my videos, as I find this really helps. I can gauge the level of enthusiasm, how they approach it & their end results.

The results from pupils watching my videos have been incredible. Their work is outstanding & I'm so chuffed to see how creative they all have been. Also the feedback from their parents has been so good & very encouraging.

This has got me thinking, I'm going to share my lessons. So if you need a little time to yourself & you want to keep your kids busy for a while, please check out my art lessons on YouTube & click on the link below. Or search - Orla Mellon

I'll be posting new art lessons every week!!

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